The essential steps of post-trade processing

January 2023 / News
The essential steps of post-trade processing

Post-trade processing refers to the steps after a trade has been executed. These steps may include the following:

Confirmation. Both parties to the trade confirm the transaction details, including the security, price, and quantity traded.

Settlement. The exchange of funds and securities between the two parties takes place.

Clearing. The trade is cleared by a clearinghouse, which acts as an intermediary between the two parties and guarantees the trade.

Reporting. The trade is reported to the relevant regulatory authorities and included in the parties' records.

Risk management. The parties involved may take steps to manage the risk associated with the trade, such as using collateral or other risk management techniques.

It is essential for both parties to accurately and promptly complete these steps to ensure that the trade is settled correctly and there are no issues or disputes.

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