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Avoid expensive mis-trades
Reduce Settlement Risk
Increase Ops Efficiency

What we do

next generation
Trading & Investment Operations Platform

We built our platform with state-of-the-art post-trade technology. During its development, we followed three core principles which are an integral part of our product’s DNA.

Multi Asset Trading

Multi Asset

Fully adaptable to new asset classes. From Equities to Digital Assets - it can manage every asset class and quickly adapt to new ones.

Capture Real-Time Trading Flow


Built to be real-time and event-driven. EOD or T+2 was yesterday. We can do this, but we are also T+0 and Distributed Ledger ready.

Easy to implement post-trade plattform

Easy to Implement

After short implementation time and easy integration with flexible APIs, it's ready to streamline your post-trade operations.

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The Problem

Inefficient Post-Trade Operations

  • There has been dramatic change in the front office
  • The middle and back office are lagging behind
  • Multi-asset trading in a single system is now a real challenge

Expensive, inflexible older post-trade technology

  • Legacy technology is inflexible with asset class limitations
  • No longer fits the purpose of modern financial institutions
  • The next generation financial firms need a new approach

Communication gaps between teams

  • No visibility to each others´ systems - trading vs operations
  • Communication issues, errors and high operational risks
  • Painful search for errors and poor customer experience
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By leveraging our unique sell-side and buy-side expertise in middle and back-office environments, we are the partner of choice for institutional investment companies worldwide.

The lack of affordable solutions often results in a mess of manual or spread sheet driven workflows.

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Single Platform - Multiple Benefits

Control over all transactions

Instantly notifies for mistrades

Streamlines post-trade operations

Increases profitability

Reduces settlement risks

Improves transparency

Maximizes client satisfaction

Saves a lot of time and money

Increases regulator‘s trust

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