Fully Automated Post-Trade Management

We streamline and automate the entire post-trade process: from capturing every single trading transaction, through integrating and processing the trade data, to distributing it to all relevant counterparties. Some of our modules include:

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Realtime Trading Flow

Captures client/market orders and fills from multiple front office systems OMS, EMS, PMS via fix protocol.

Flat Files Import

Captures trade data from various flat file formats, e.g. CSV,XML, JSON, Excel and many more.

Manual Entry

Manual trades can also be entered quickly with an intuitive user interface.

Integrate & Process


Validates and enriches automatically the trade data. Handles exceptions and notifies users.

Post-Trade Allocations

Allocates executions and/or sends data to external matching systems.

Trade Aggregation

Aggregates and books trades, calculates prices and settlement amounts.


Calculates different types of commissions, taxes, IB fees, CSAs and more based on predefined rules.


Automates the entire reconciliation process. Creates customised reports.

Static Data

Stores static data in a central repository and distributes it to external systems.

Management Reporting

Visualises reports and charts on all your devices so you’ll know exactly how your business is performing at any time.


Client Confirmations

Generates and sends confirmations to clients in different formats.

Settlement & Clearing

Sends settlement instructions and receives back statuses.Monitors and handles exceptions.

3rd Party Systems

Delivers trade data to Accounting, Market Surveillance and Risk Management Systems.

Regulatory Reporting

Generates regulatory reports and uploads them automatically, e.g. FCA, EMIR, MIFID II.

Client Portal

Shows execution and settlement statuses to your clients in real-time.

How we do it

Connectiviy Network

We've built an extensive connectivity network through the years with some of the most trusted trading, portfolio management, accounting, risk management, compliance and other systems in the industry.

In case we don't have an existing integration, we can implement it quickly and start sending or receiving data in a short amount of time.

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Some of our connectors

  • Bloomberg EMSX
  • Bloomberg TSOX
  • Realtick
  • TradingScreen
  • EzeOMS
  • Infront
  • Inforeach
  • SunGuard Valdi
  • BNP (Model B)
  • SocGen (FIX protocol)
  • Unavista
  • Deutsche Borse
  • BaFin (native ESMA format)
  • TRADEcho
  • Traxx
  • Omgeo CTM
  • Traianna
  • TradeWeb
  • SS&C Advent Geneva
  • IntelliClear
  • Arbour
  • Numerix
  • OneTick
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