A robust and efficient MiFID 2 solution

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Our next-generation post-trade management system XDESK offers robust and efficient building blocks for a successful regulatory reporting solution.

It offers many benefits some of which are:

Have your entire trading flow in a single overview

We capture your entire trading flow - electronic and manual - from all your front office systems, and we store it in a consolidated database. You can view all your transactions on a single screen at any time.

Consolidate all your transactions in a single database

We capture every transaction regardless of its asset class, we do this in real-time, and we can plug into any system out there. Currently, we already have connections to the most popular systems on the market, but in case you need an interface to the specific system, we can implement it quickly. Full flexibility is guaranteed.

Save time with efficient auto validation

Valid data and data integrity are key factors for successful regulatory reporting. Your entire trading flow is immediately validated when it hits our system. Our smart validation engine checks every single transaction in milliseconds and gives feedback to your operations team.

Trace problems quickly and without delay

In case there are validation errors, your Ops can find the cause and fix them in seconds. Your team doesn’t have to spend their valuable time with tracing the reason for missing data. Our system does this for you automatically.

Access MiFID 2 ready static data repository

XDESK has an extensive static data repository. We keep all MiFID 2 required data fields, and we attach them to every transaction or trade that needs to be reported. We import the data fields initially, and then your operation team can maintain the database with a user-friendly user interface at any time.

Auto-enrich your trade data and prepare them for reporting

Also, if data needs to be enriched or symbols need to be mapped, our system can do this as well. It can connect to your existing market data source, e.g. Bloomberg Data License and download the missing data from there. So, manual work will be avoided for sure.

Generate Your Own or Assisted Reports

In addition to your report generation workflow, you can use XDESK Regulatory Reporting module to create your client’s reports if you offer assisted reporting services. As you might have to generate hundreds of reports per day, our system helps you to reduce the operations costs significantly.

Deliver on time and monitor all reports

Our Regulatory Reporting module exports the transaction reports in the ARM ready format end-of-day. It also exports trades and sends them near real-time as required by MiFID 2. The reports will be produced automatically at a scheduled time or in real-time in case of trade reporting. Also, your team can monitor the entire reporting generation process and handle exceptions efficiently if needed.

Have flexibility with your ARM/APA choice

We can deliver your report to whatever ARM or APA with which you choose to work. In case you don’t know which one to choose, we can help you to decide. We have proven integration with the major vendors, and we support the most common formats that they accept. If you need a new interface for a new vendor or a new format, we can implement it in a couple of days.

Automate your report delivery

All your transaction reports will be uploaded end-of-day to your ARM, and our system will send all your trade reports in real-time to your APA. In case your team wants to export the report manually from our system they can do this as well at any time for any date. In case a report was rejected, it can be generated and uploaded again after the exceptions have been fixed. You have full control over your regulatory reporting process.





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